Is God the only one who can help us??

Been a while since I have done one of these, needed to take some time to find some more things to share with you guys but it feels good to be typing away again :) 

Simple question wasn’t it? Is God the only one that can help us? 

Everyone can help you, everyone has the capability of showing you support and helping you through tough times. When we are going through a hard time the people we turn to first is our friends to talk about things because we feel like they can help us but the truth be told they can only help us to a certain point cant they? 

Why is that?

Simple because we humans don’t know everything and we cant fully understand how someone feels and we cant tell what is going through their head and what they are thinking about. The only thing we can go by is physical looks and actions. We know how are friends should be acting and if they are acting differently then we immediately think something is up.. true? We humans can only help and give advice due to experience on what they need help with.

But what about God?

God knows EVERYTHING, he knows how you feel and what you are thinking. Once something happens God knows there is something wrong and why is that? because simple fact he is God, he created us and the world and everything to do with it, we are his creation he knows everything about us he sees everything we say and do. 

Human beings can help you to a certain point but God can fully take you and change your direction and give you advice and strength to get through what you are going through! God can bring you completely out of the pit you are in and put you back on your feet. 

With God everything is safe, when its a person on earth that you tell it can be found out easily.

God cares and is willing to help you. We as humans are stubborn and think that we can get through life by ourselves, this is rubbish we need God to get everything out of our life to experience everything we are meant to experience. 

So I am encouraging you to realise the truth that you need Gods help and you cant get through life on your own because you wont get much out of it but instead stop being stubborn and open the door and let God into your heart. Your life can only get better after that! 

God Bless 

Dean :)

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